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The Society for Danish Genealogy and Biography

How to get started? Where to get help?

The former president of the Society, Hans H. Worsoe, has benevolently permitted us to publish an article he wrote in 1970 about genealogical research in Denmark. This article is basic information - still valid - for anyone who endeavours to undertake research in Denmark. The article, that has been updated for publication on the Internet with links to sites of institutions, can be of invaluable help for genealogical research in Denmark. So if you are thinking of - or already in the middle of - genealogical research in Denmark you might benefit from his expert help by reading:

A road to knowledge about your family and it's homestead (34 Kb)

You can also find very useful information and good advice on genealogical research in Denmark on the Provincial Archives of Copenhagen's website: Family History - Tracing your roots

You could also try to search for names on

"110 års indholdsfortegnelse til Personalhistorisk Tidsskrift"
(A 110 Years Index of Personalhistorisk Tidsskrift)

It is a treasure-trove for genealogists, although it does - regrettably - refer to articles which are in Danish.

Please note:

The society has one main purpose:

The publication of the journal: "Personalhistorisk Tidsskrift" (Review of Biography and Genealogy) as well as other books on genealogy and related topics - but all printed in Danish! The Society cannot undertake research for individuals.

Anyone who wants help in finding relatives or ancestors in Denmark has the following options:

  1. First of all - as mentioned above - read the information about how to do genealogical research in Denmark FACTS ABOUT GENEALOGY IN DENMARK: A road to knowledge about your family and it's homestead (34 Kb) That will give you a good basis for your quest.

  2. You can post requests for help and questions in the newsgroup: dk.historie.genealogi or soc.genealogy.nordic there might be someone there, who can help you.

  3. You can place an advertisement asking for help in Hvem Forsker Hvad (The Danish Genealogical Research Guide). Hvem Forsker Hvad is an annual publication for genealogists and local historians issued every year in September. It is published with the specific goal of establishing contact between researchers in Denmark and other countries enabling cooperation, inspiration, help and exchange of information in areas of shared interest.

  4. You can also try to find information on Genealogy Ressource Index for Denmark - the most comprehensive website for genealogy in Denmark.

  5. If you are trying to find Jewish ancestors in Denmark (or one of the other Nordic countries) you can try the website: Scandinavia Special Interest Group

But remember to provide as much information as you possibly can about the persons you seek information about. Although Denmark is a small country it is big enough to make it difficult to find the right persons. So give information about names, dates, places, occupations, known relatives etc. -- as much as yo know!

That will make the chances of success much greater.

If you don't have much information, try anyway .... you might be lucky!

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